These dudes can PLAY!

Bobby and a fine person and friend, E-Street Band's NILS LOFGREN

CARLOS SANTANA and Bobby (goin' for the wallet :>)

Bobby (after 2.3 tbsp. Realemon),"Groovin'on a sunny afternoon" Rascal
FELIX CAVALIERE and L. Vinnie Santoro

The "wicked" WILSON PICKETT (R.I.P), Jimmy ("JJ" of "Good Times")
Walker and ("gotcha!") Bobby

The MASTER ( magic "Boogieman" ) himself,
Mr. JEFF BECK......and.....Bobby

Bobby and (from Michael Jackson to Jeff Beck the talented, lovely) JENNIFER BATTEN

Off the top of me 'ead I'd say it's JEFF again ! and... Bobby

Great, kind human being & friend- (BS&T, Jaco, Miles Davis guitarist}, MIKE STERN

JEFF ("Skunk"-Steely Dan,Doobies) BAXTER and Bobby rehearsing

"I'm not an animal; I have feelings!"